Thursday, 22 October 2009


Body still hyper I guess. Woke before 7am and was soon tapping away on the computer, trying to get my email in-box back to single figures…No chance…
Another packed press day. Dashing around Melbourne to various radio stations. As I said yesterday, it’s extremely impressive how many radio stations there are and how each of them had done their homework on the film and had a full list of questions they wanted to ask. I thought I might have to adjust my responses depending on whether the channel was a classical radio station, indy music station or a gay & lesbian radio station but in fact all asked broadly similar, intelligent questions that in the UK you might get from only one or two stations. It’s another day passed in a car or radio station but I guess that’s why I’m here. I certainly hope it helps… Certainly the interviewers could not have been more enthusiastic about the film and all essentially insisted their audience come see the film! In the evening I had dinner with some wonderful friends of mine who, truth be told, I so wanted to see again after the last trip to Australia (for IN SEARCH OF MOZART) that I never hesitated for second in any plans to set up this press tour. I’m not sure I should embarrass them by describing them too much but what I will say is that John was the first person I met on the Mozart film. He was absolutely Day 1 (of three years) and the fact that I can now stay at his house in Australia or vice versa – he and his fabulous wife Janet – are welcome to stay with us in the UK any time is illustrative of what a wonderful world the classical music world is. Others may have had different experiences but I have made more friends – some of whom are the world’s best musicians – in the course of these two projects than probably all the 100 or 200 films I made previously. Got to be late again – 1am. Alarm is off: I’m sure to sleep in.

oh, and a little poem:

There once were two mice
Called Ella & Billy
Known for being,
Well, really, quite silly
They lived in my pocket
And ate all my snacks
They really are cheeky
And live life to the max!

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