Thursday, 22 October 2009


Flight at 7am from Sydney to Melbourne. Finally managed to get my baggage down to 23k so no excess baggage at $10/Kilo. Though it did mean my rucksack was stuffed full of books and golf balls… Quick flight to Melbourne and taxi straight to SBS radio for an interview for French folk (done in French) then German folk (done in English). No rest..need coffee…off to ABC radio for national interview. I came here in 2006 but have no memory of the building at all – which is a bit spooky. One struggles to get any radio in the UK but here there’s loads – indeed I did two more and a TV spot until at 3pm I said that’s it – enough’s enough. I suppose I should have had a nap at this point but I dashed off to a nice public golf course instead. Short course and I just managed to finish 18 holes as it got dark. Walked straight to the cinema (where Beethoven showing tomorrow) and went in to see Quentin Tarantino’s latest film – set in WW2. I have never felt the need to rush out of a cinema and go get a shower after watching most of this film. It was so, so disgusting on so many levels – normally I just want to persuade people to watch Beethoven now I want to chain them to their cinema seats and forcing anyone who was thinking of see Tarantino’s film or has had the misfortune to see it – to watch a film that contains hope, optimism, love, genius. Because Tarantino’s is almost sickness, violence, hate. Of course his film will be seen by tens of millions and mine won’t. On that, a 21-hour day came to an end.

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