Friday, 16 October 2009


Busy day…an interview in the hotel with the biggest radio station in LA and apparently the biggest metropolitan radio station in the USA. I’d have tidied my hotel room if I’d have known that’s where he wanted to conduct the interview… Then rushed off for lunch with a local distributor. Mitchell Block is a stalwart of the documentary world and knows that world inside out. He’s been involved in many Oscar-winning docs but the world is changing, has changed, and it doesn’t get any easier for him. He distributes a series of mine called The Great Commanders, which I made almost 15 years ago, so I hope he continues to find success. I then went straight from lunch to a screening of the film at the George Lucas building at the University of Southern California. A new building that cost millions (did someone say $140m?) at & for the school of cinematic arts. Wow. Mind you I spoke to one student studying animation – her three year course would leave her $200,000 in debt! Anyway, a well-attended screening; half students and half opera-goers who regularly come to the cinema for Live from the Met screenings. Then a quick dash back to West Hollywood to meet a fine critic Jules Brenner. He used to be a camera operator and has some fine stories to tell of the old Hollywood – an Hollywood that is probably long-dead. Barely had time to finish eating before dashing to the cinema. Bit disappointed again that audience stubbornly sits at 50 or 60 – in a 250-seater. I can only hope for word-of-mouth but I’m not sure I have reason to be confident. The last show wasn’t any busier either – though, as always, the audience were extremely enthusiastic for the film. I’d rather that than a full house of slightly bored or disappointed punters.

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