Tuesday, 2 April 2013

29 MARCH 2013

Well, that was a blur…San Francisco, Reno, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo and now en route to France for a few days off.  It’s been busy but all has gone well. The screening just north of San Fran was busy and thus the Box Office will help recoup some of the costs of the trip. Reno was a blast – I thoroughly recommend it. Give the casinos a miss though – I checked the one out in the basement of my hotel and it was truly awful. The noise, madam, the noise.   Really delightful people in Reno and truly interested in the Mozart & Beethoven films we screened.  I even managed a few holes of golf and I have to say the can of Boddingtons on their signature 15th hole (where you have to drive 230 yards down onto an island in a lake) was a moment of sheer bliss.  Sydney and Melbourne were great: I really do love Australia. The galleries I visited were welcoming and keen to progress with EXHIBITION. No offence to my friends in America but The sun shone and people all looked so fit… what a difference. Then an overnight flight to the crazy world of Tokyo, a long bus ride, another airport (and its hotel), then 90’ in a taxi to cover twenty miles. It’s an absolute warren of cement highways – quite extraordinary. Good, productive meetings all day and rounded off with a dinner of delicious sushi. Interviews with UK, Canadian and American press – don’t ask what time zone I’m in – I have no idea….

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