Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Istanbul - TRT 2011 Documentary Awards - The Boy Mir - Ten Years in Afghanistan

9 May 2011

I feel like a boxer that has just taken two almighty blows to the gut and is wondering whether to bother getting up off his knees. Just as I was talking in my last blog about festival programmers I get an email today saying a big festival I was desperate to get in to has decided no. Then a cinema chain who I thought were going to support us have moved in a different direction. Maybe I really do over-estimate the film; maybe there are so many better films out there. But it is really disheartening. I'm not really sure how best to proceed - all this distribution work & effort is self-financed and without outlets to show the film, you're stuck. We've lots of TV support - but of course these days TV show social docs on their cable networks late at night ...I don't know. I've been at this computer now for 9 hours knocking out emails in the effort to keep The Boy Mir fight going but some of these upper cuts are starting to sting....

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