Wednesday, 14 May 2014

5th May 2014

A blog of numbers…

Just flying over Singapore, 34000 feet up. 

Half way through an 11,500 mile trip from New Zealand to UK.

I’ve just done 7 screenings in 3 days of the all-new IN SEARCH OF CHOPIN.

Good audiences but total folk in the 100s – smaller screens in NZ.

I did seven intros and seven Q and As. Total time talking: 7 hours.

Press: 3 hours.

Hours worked per day – 20.  Length of trip 6 days.  120 hours worked.  And I’m not joking.

At airport, had some time to tidy up emails. Deleted my Sent box from last two years….20,000 of them – thus 10,000 a year, hence average of 30 a day…

Ran 9km along Auckland waterfront.  Perk of the job. Over the last year, I have run in hills of Santa Fe, the waterfront of Chicago, Stanley Park in Vancouver and Central Park in NY. Total KM run…er, lots.

Films completed last year – 4: Manet, Vermeer, Munch and Chopin.

Films on the way…7

Concerts filmed for IN SEARCH OF BACH… 2.  Years to completion….er….5? 10?

Current job satisfaction on a scale of one to ten:  9.  

4320 miles flown from Auckland, 7180 to go to London…

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