Thursday, 31 October 2013

31 October 2013

Hi all, just a quick post to let you all know that I am in USA working with galleries this week & will write a longer post about my trip next week. In the meantime here's something UK folk might well be interested in...

The Big Art Weekend

Dinner Friday 29 November – Lunch Sunday 1 December 2013

Art doesn’t come much bigger than Manet, Munch and Vermeer. Well, you could make up your own list but these particular artists will feature prominently during the weekend. In addition there will be presentations and discussions about the purpose of the visual arts both in the past and today. The timing couldn’t more perfect following hot on the (high) heels of Grayson Perry’s Reith Lectures on Radio Four. The documentary filmmaker, Phil Grabsky, will describe his involvement with some of our major galleries in broadcasting live, around the world, exhibitions of real significance and we will see some of his films. Early evening on the Saturday Phil Grabsky and Dillington’s Director, Wayne Bennett will be joined by a panel of speakers, including writer and art historian, James Russell, Chief Curator of Dulwich Picture Gallery, Xavier Bray, and artists David Chandler and Jenny Graham. They will kick off the discussion on what is art for today after which everybody will be invited to join in.

Speakers: Wayne Bennett, Phil Grabsky, Xavier Bray et al.
Although the weekend finishes at lunchtime on Sunday there is a further opportunity to hear James Russell who will be presenting an afternoon public lecture by writer and art historian, James Russell, who is on an epic mission to bring to prominence the life and work of one of England’s most evocative artists, Eric Ravilious.

Arrival, tea & registration from 5.00pm
6.45pm Welcome reception and introductions, followed by dinner
7.00pm Dinner (wine included) followed by

Session 1 A Beginner’s Guide to the History of Art with Wayne Bennett


Breakfast 8.00am-9.00am

Session 2 9.30am – Filming the World’s Greatest Exhibitions – Phil Grabsky

10.30am Coffee

Session 3 11.00am – Édouard Manet Talk, Film and DiscussionPhil Grabsky

1.00pm Lunch

Session 4 2.00pm - Edvard Munch – Talk, Film and Discussion – Phil Grabsky

4.00pm Tea

Session 5 4.30 to 6.00pm - What is Art For Today?
Panel and Public Discussion
Phil Grabsky, James Russell, Xavier Bray, Wayne Bennett,
David Chandler& amp; Jenny Graham

7.00pm Dinner (wine included) followed by

Session 6 Marlow Meets the Pythonstwo short films – Phil Grabsky

Breakfast 8.00am-9.00am

Session 7 9.15am – Vermeer from the National Gallery– Phil Grabsky

11.00am Coffee

Session 8 11.30am– Putting on a Show - talk by Xavier Bray, Chief Curator of Dulwich Picture Gallery

1.00pm Lunch and depart

Click here for more info and tickets.

Residents wishing to stay on for the Public Lecture by James Russell may purchase tickets from the Bookings Office on 01460 258613

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