Thursday, 8 September 2011

Phil Grabsky's Blog - Armadillo - Review

Armadillo - Movie Review by Phil Grabsky

Rating: 5 STARS

Having worked on and off in Afghanistan for past decade (making a film The Boy Mir - Ten Years in Afghanistan) I was really interested to see this film. Yes, it is another film from the POV of the foreign soldiers - and maybe we need more from the ANA or ANP perspective (but broadcasters don't want to fund those) - but I have to say I think this is the best I've seen. Restrepo, Where Soldiers Come From, and many more are all interesting, often brave, often powerful films but the sheer humanity of this film really gets to you. Brave young guys suddenly fighting for their lives in a ditch in the middle of no-where. And, don't forget, the film-makers in the same ditch - and they too have kids at home, wives & parents waiting by the phone. It doesn't tell the whole story - no film can - but you have to see it.

Armadillo is currently available to watch on 4OD. For more information please visit the official website

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